On Gutters and Forklifts

I’ve decided that amazon.com has neighborhoods. They aren’t physical, obviously, being a virtual bookstore (and an everything else store) so much as associational.

Let me explain. I’m a new author, therefore completely unknown. I published my first book directly to amazon.com at a certain time, and in a certain genre. Publication date and genre are now my two first associational biases. Any other fantasy books published within a few days of mine will necessarily appear close to mine on the virtual shelves. I say “necessarily” because amazon.com no doubt uses some very smart software to show similar things as groups and all of these books are similarly unknown.

None of this is amazon.com’s fault, it’s just the way the system has to work.

Anyway, so I describe my current little neighborhood as “The Gutter”. Why? Because no-one knows if any of these books, including mine, are any good.

So the question becomes, how do I lift my book out of this gutter into a nicer neighborhood?

….. I’ll think it over and post my thoughts a bit later.


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