On Geographically-Handicapped Gutter Trolls

Here’s a thought. I have a pretty, little gutter troll (named Equivocal Destines) which is unnaturally handicapped by life circumstances partially beyond its control. WTF? Well, let me explain.

a) I’m Australian. If you know anything at all about the Australian education system, you’ll know that “foreign languages” appears nowhere on any pages of any timetable. Well, I did a year of French, but only because I was in a special program, and I remember precisely 2 sentences, neither of which are particularly useful.

Why is this important now? Because it guarantees that my little gutter troll is written in English. Pretty good quality English (thanks to my year 6 teacher, who was evil on proper spelling), but English none-the-less.

b) I live in Poland. Why? Long story. Don’t ask. What’s the level of the average Pole’s English. Well, under 30yo, pretty damned good actually, if they’ve lived in a big city for long enough. In the villages, no good teachers, so no proficient students.

Here’s some fun statistics from http://wordcounttools.com/

Words = 113,154

Characters = 621,304

Difficult Words = 29,853

Dale-Chall Readability Score = 8.6

Readability level = 11-12th

So my little gutter troll is hobbled by my almost complete inability to market it to the people I’ve chosen to live amongst. It’s not the book’s fault really, but I’m pretty sure it’s not happy about it.


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