On Redefining Genre Stereotypes

My pretty little bridge troll has reached at least 2 degrees of separation, as it’s being recommended across the grapevine and I’m seeing the chatter on Facebook. This is definitely good news, especially since that chatter is positive. It begs the question though – why are my new fans all (how can I put this diplomatically) motherly types who are reasonably well-seasoned by life?

Let me be blunt – every comment I get or see on Facebook about someone liking my novel appears to be from a middle-aged woman. Now, I’m dead against sexism (and all of the other “-isms”, incidentally) in all its forms, and I’m happy that anyone likes my novel, and if middle-aged women like my novel then this makes me as happy as if teenage boys like my novel. The question, keeping genre stereotypes in mind, is why?

I think it comes down to my friend network more than any inherent unusualness in my novel. Basically, a lot of my Facebook friends network is populated with people I’ve worked with in the past, and as this was a bank, it’s heavily weighted to the stereotypical type of people who work in banks. Typically, not teenage boys. Although, I can only hope my new fans recommend my book to their teenage sons.

Anyone in the world who wants to like my novel, please, feel free to do so (and to leave a review on amazon.com and goodreads.com… and to recommend it to 3 degrees of separation – shameless plug). I’m just happy that people like my novel. To be honest, I did design a few of the characters deliberately to appeal to a wider audience – not only 14yo boys – because I believe that everyone can enjoy a good book (which I can only hope mine is) in any genre.


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