On Organic Growth vs. a Recalcitrant Friend Network

I have a bone to pick with you. You know who you are. You. All of the people who:

My novel, Equivocal Destines
My novel, Equivocal Destines
  1. Are my friends
  2. Are my family
  3. Are my students
  4. Were my students
  5. Call me a friend, but mostly as a bit of a joke
  6. Work with me
  7. Used to work with me, somewhere
  8. Added me (back) on Twitter, Facebook or something of that ilk because we possibly share a common friend and/or interest

You know – everyone. The day of reckoning has a-cometh! Why-o-why, you ask? Because you are my network (of friends and otherwise) and you are recalcitrant. Now, normally I either love you for this, or am completely ambivalent about it. This is probably why you can tolerate having someone as annoying as me as a vague part of your online presence. Right now, however, I have a pretty little bridge troll (named Equivocal Destines) which I need to con, bribe and blackmail lots and lots of people into reading, enjoying (at the point of a metaphorical gun), reviewing and sharing (at the points of a lot of very non-metaphorical guns).

So here’s what I’ve decided about organic growth as a method of increasing brand awareness and inducing sales. It sux. In truth, I can’t blame anyone but myself. No-one I’ve ever met is under any contract or compulsion to do anything with my book. No-one needs to feel any imperative to assist in snowballing my viral marketing campaign.

I’m just sayin’… it’s be nice 🙂


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