A Rare Sales Pitch

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve been running a few advertising experiments with my book, Equivocal Destines, and blogging fairly detailed information on the results. It’s now time for my next test. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Updated the text of the book:
    • There were a couple of typos
    • I moved the Author Info to the front
    • I added a page asking the readers to write reviews for all indie published books, with links to Amazon and Goodreads for mine.
  • Reduced the price to 99c manually. This is because I’ve dis-enrolled the book from Kindle Select (so I can publish it to Smashwords, Google, Apple, etc) so can’t run proper Amazon promotions anymore.
  • Updated the text of the Description section of the Amazon page to list it as a sale.

What’s next? Now I need to do lots of free advertising to get as many people to buy it as possible. For this to work, I also need all of you to help me out. My goals are a modest 10 copies per day of the promotion (somewhere between 3 days and  week) so I can see what this does to my Amazon ranking, etc.

Are you able to help me out by telling your friends, tweeting, facebooking or anything else that might be useful? Feel free to comment here and let me know your thoughts. If you  help me make this promotion successful, my blog post on the results will be more useful to all indie authors in the future.

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