On ENT as a Bridge Troll Catapult

A short one for you…

I recently completed a promotion with Ereader News Today and it was modestly successful, so I thought it would be a good idea to check out how ENT fares in a more general sense. I took the ENT email from June 27th and recorded the rank of each book that wasn’t listed as free across a range of times. This is a very simple examination, but I wanted to see how the ENT email affects sales, and this is the closest method I have to gauge sales/popularity. So how’d the books do?

Title Genre Reviews Stars At Time
of Email
0.5 Days
1 Day
1.5 Days
2 Days
4 Days
9 Days
Archangels – Rise of the Jesuits Thriller 296 4 108,747 2,165 2,157 3,464 4,172 17,744 80,908
After Days Sci-Fi 59 4.5 67,835 1,936 1,908 2,743 3,326 11,121 22,748
Wind Catcher Fantasy 74 4.5 96,654 1,200 1,378 1,355 1,211 2,977 30,364
The Highland Stones Fantasy romance 3 4.5 296,856 5,251 4,859 10,925 13,891 41,477 170,485
Death by Times New Roman Thriller 9 5 419,159 1,711 1,562 3,233 3,651 6,864 50,798
Killer Deadline Thriller 10 4.5 236,758 5,846 5,399 10,084 13,612 53,054 208,228
The Carlswick Treasure Thriller 10 4.5 32,128 2,869 2,628 5,506 7,361 17,592 208,228

I don’t mean to imply anything positive or negative about the books listed in the ENT email (and hence here). My intention isn’t to say anything about the books. I’m only interested in ENT’s effect on their sales. I’ve included the genres because apparently ENT is most effective with with thrillers and romance.

The 9 Days Later rankings were all over the place, which could be accounted for by any number of things which I don’t have enough data to explain. What’s really interesting though is the very uniform spike in popularity. All of the books rushed up the charts, and stayed there for a few days. They all dropped back down again, but most not as far as they spiked, and even now a lot of them are showing up on each other’s Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought lists.

For a bit of fun, I plotted the rankings on a chart, with the names removed (they’re not important) for our purposes here. I used a logarithmic scale so you can actually see the differences, and inverted the scale, so it sort of shows popularity over time (ranking would have shown a very flat and overlapping bathtub curve).

ENT Rankings Over Time

Interesting, isn’t it? These books fared much better than mine, but mine’s completely the wrong genre (fantasy) while here, even the 2 nominally fantasy books in this round-up are more romance and Y.A./coming-of-age than fantasies. Let’s not complain about my pretty, little bridge troll – that’s not what’s important here – we need to focus on ENT as a promoter. Since an email goes out every day, I think these stats look pretty damned good.

What about you? What do you think?


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