Marketing Experiments

This is a quick page (for now) listing my various blog posts on the topic of marketing my indie published novel. I’m running a range of experiments and blogging fairly detailed information about the results (or lack thereof up until this point). I’ll add to this and make it more pretty sometime soon. For now, it’s  good dumping ground for my marketing posts.

My meandering thoughts on how is organised and works

A blow spew about Amazon’s ranking system and my thoughts on how it works.

A blog spew on the various iterations of

Amazon has virtual neighbourhoods and a new author’s first task to to left their new book out of the virtual gutter.

My geographical problems with selling books on Amazon.

The take-home: It sux if you don’t live in the USA. It blows chunks if you don’t live in an English-speaking country.

My blog spews on banner ads and social networking


The take-home: Don’t waste your time.

My blog spews on promoting using directed tweets


The take-home: Don’t waste your time.

My blog spews about publishing to various platforms



My blog spews on free advertising

  2. (again)

Looking back on my “free advertising” experiments, none of my results say anything bout free advertising, per se. They say a lot bout the advertising methods I’ve used, which are the ones typically available for free, but not about “free” itself. Here’s the end result of all of this, as bluntly as I can put it.

  • Banner ads don’t work – no-one even looks at them anymore.
  • Broadcasted tweets don’t work. Not when free and don’t waste money on getting some company to tweet to 250k users – most of them are probably other authors anyway.
  • Directed tweets to people expressing an interest in getting  new book are time consuming and ineffective.

My blog spews on competently-orgnised, paid advertising

Wait for it… waaait for it… wwaaaiiiittttt!!!!!!

[FYI, I’ll probably be on my honeymoon when I do this, so don’t expect “competently-organised” to feature too heavily in my next experiment.]


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