Here’s a few comments from some authors and aspiring authors whose works I have proofread.

K.R. Fajardo
If anyone is in need of proofreader, I can’t recommend Raymond Clarke enough. After receiving a couple of reviews on Amazon mentioning typos and grammatical errors, I sent him a copy of my novel K The Awakening to have it proofread. Raymond not only has a keen eye for detail, he was also very professional and kept consistent contact with me throughout the process. He completed the work quickly and provided me with an in depth list of things that needed to be corrected, along with his personal recommendations on how to best go about it. Overall I was more than pleased with his work and will not hesitate to use his services again.

K.R. Fajardo

Here’s where to find her:


Michael Wisehart
I would highly recommend Raymond Clarke for his expertise at finding those little overlooked mistakes that tend to weigh heavy on the professionalism of an author’s work. I would never consider publishing a book without first having a qualified proofreader exam the final product. No matter how much time and effort an author, or editor, puts into polishing a book there will always be those little imperfections that slip between the cracks. Raymond does a fantastic job of finding those hidden problems, exposing them, and offering solutions for correction. Not only is he honest and thorough, but his responses felt more like a two-way conversation between friends.

 -Michael Wisehart

Here’s where to find him:



Michael is the author of The Aldoran Chronicles fantasy series, soon to debut on Amazon. I have to give a special shout out to Michael here. His first novel, proofread by me a few revisions ago, is amazing. I was highly impressed with his effort and attention to detail, especially regarding his world map, and was amazed to find out he’s done it all himself.

Natasha Minson
I have recently utilised Raymond Clarke’s services to proofread my novel. I found him to be professional, efficient and cost effective. I will definitely be using him again and highly recommend him. Here’s where to find her:



Natasha is an upcoming author, working on a serious fantasy series and a childish kids’ series.


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