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On My Quasi-Decent Proposal

Now that people are reading my novel, I’m starting to get some questions. The big one is always “Did she say yes?” I guess I should explain. I decided to do something a bit unusual recently, so I added a, shall we say, uncommon, section to my novel. It’s on page vii of the paperback. Here’s a copy of what’s on that page.

Paulina's engagement ring

My Quasi-Decent Proposal

It has been suggested (yes, by you Paulina) that I’m not the most romantic person in the world. It’s probably true, but you have to be who you are. In the end, everyone has to play to their strengths, and my friends generally like to claim that mine are my creativity, my willingness to go out on a limb and make a fool of myself for a good cause and my ability to annoy everyone.

We’ve been thinking recently about tying the knot, for better or worse. Me being who I am, I’ve been trying to come up with the most original and creative way I can think of to ask you. This book has recently consumed a lot of my free time (and by extension, at the very least disrupted yours) so I thought it would be an excellent idea to merge my two passions. On this page. Now I just have to hope you read it, but I strongly suspect you’ll gloss over it and go straight to the actual novel. Do you want to play a game…? 🙂

So, Paulina, would you do the honour of marrying me?

(I’ll endeavour to find an ingenious way to sneak the ring into your line of sight at just the right time to stop you from throwing this book at me.)

Never let it be said that I’m not thoroughly evil. It’s pretty idiomatic and yes, for the more astute in my audience, there are a couple of movie references in there too.

Anyway, so yes, Paulina did say yes. Well, at first she was stunned, then she said nothing, then I had to ask again a couple of times, then she said “oh, of course yes”, then she said that she said no, then she denied that, now she sort of admits it. I’m really not sure, but we went ring shopping (she said if I got her a ring she didn’t like, she’d say no, so I waited), so I guess, in the end, it’s a yes.

What do you think? Romantic or asinine?