Origins: Gruff

Origins - Gruff
Upheaving Nidola, book 1.1

This is the story of Gruff, one of the more strangely lovable characters (I think) in my debut novel, Equivocal Destines (shameless plug – please note the Buy from Amazon button to the right). This is where Gruff came from, and why he’s so gruff.

People have been asking me to give more background information about some of the characters, so I thought I’d write them up as short stories release them as permafree on There’s more to come, including a few surprises. If you read this short story and don’t get the context, feel free to read the novel.

The more astute of readers will notice what appears to be a massive plot hole in this story. I’m running a small competition in the permafree edition on related to finding this plot hole 😉

My novel, Equivocal Destines
Book 1, Equivocal Destines

If you’ve enjoyed this short story, but perhaps found it a bit confusing (my forte) or lacking in proper context, please red my novel, Equivocal Destines, which this story is based on. This short story is a mini-prequel to my novel, and introduces some of the main characters in the novel.


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